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New Customer Guidance

New Customer Guidance
1:How to Log in & Register

First of all, you must first log in if you want to buy an item.

Second, If you have already registered with us, then you can log in and enter your email address and password to click "Sign in & Checkout" button.

Last but not least, If you haven't registered, click "Create my account" on the top of your right and complete the simple application, and then click "Register & Checkout" button.

2:Forget Your Password?

If you unfortunately forget your password, please don't worry. It's easy to reset it if you follow our steps. At first, on our sign in page, you can enter your completed registration Email address. Then you will receive an email sent by our system automatically ASAP,which will help you reset your own password.

3:How do I change my email address?

If you want to change the information, you can log in your Wigstan’s account and change your email address on this page.