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Wig Care

Wig Care
  • -1:Instructions for Cleaning and Conditioning
  • -2:Proper Handling
  • -3:Basic Part of a Wig
  • -4:How to measure your head
  • -5:How to put it on wig?
1:Instructions for Cleaning and Conditioning

Step 1: Brush the wig completely.

Step 2: Add wig shampoo to wash basin and fill with cold water.

Step 3: Let soak for 5 minutes.

Step 4: Swish the wig gently.

Step 5: Rinse gently in cold clear water twice or until thoroughly rinsed

Step 6: Apply generous amount of wig conditioner and gently work through hairwith fingertips

Step 7: Rinse thoroughly with cold water

Step 8: Drain and blot gently with towel DO NOT SQUEEZE or WRING

Step 9: Allow to air dry on a wire wig stand or a slender object like a can of hair spray DO NOT USE

Step 10: Brush wig only when completely dry (remember: one direction)

2:Proper Handling

To remove cold set,spray water generously on the affected area and wait for a few moments. Brushgently to remove cold set and let wig completely dry. For human hair wigs follow above instruction or use hot roller or iron at low to medium heat setting. Excessive cold set problems can occur to human hair. This will help you to bring out the original beauty of a wig.

For human hair wigs,curling iron or rollers at low to medium heat may be used along with a setting lotion. Due to excessive combing and/or rubbing on clothing, tips of hair tend to tangle. Start brushing tips of hair first taking longer lengths of hair with each stroke to untangle. Spray curling gel and wrap with curling paper before putting on rollers to restore the original curls.

Do not apply hairspray on displayed wigs. Use fingers or picks to lift and shape curls. Use tall mannequin or increase the height of the mannequin so that end of long hair donot rest on shelf. Do not use brush or comb nor shake special curl wigs to bring out curls. Most wigs do not need extra styling when taken out of package.Simply give a light shake and touch up with finger, this will bring out the salon perfect style as is shown in our Website.

Allow adequate storage space for wigs to maximize your customers’ satisfaction and your profit. Do not force a wig into small space. Never remove protective packaging materials to save space, or store in a high humidity or hot space. Avoid stacking wigs high. Such storage may cause serious cold set damages. Once taken out of package, restore curls and fold wig as when it first came out of package before putting it back into package for storage.

3:Basic Part of a Wig

*WEFTS - Stands of hair fibers are sewn together at one end to make a curtain of hair.
These wefts are sewn onto the cap to simulate natural hair.

*FULL CAPLESS - More than 90% of the cap is open, for the ultimate comfort inwearing.

*CAPLESS- 20% - 75% of the cap is open, which makes the cap lighter, cooler, and more elastic for a comfortable fit.

*CAP - The base or skeleton that gives the wig its shape and a base to attach hair to. Depending on the openness of the cap, a wig is called a cap.

* REGULAR CAP - There are no open areas in the cap material.

4:How to measure your head

Here are 3 simple steps to measure your head correctly:

Before you measure your head, make sure to flatten your hair, use a cloth tape measure and do not pull the tape measure, just rest it over or around your head.

1. Measure around your head at the hairline. The "around your head" size of every wig can be adjusted up to 1" larger or smaller to ensure a secure fit. The tape should be just above the ear and along your natural hairline.

2. Measure your head from the nape over the crown to the top of your forehead where your natural hairline is.

3. Measure your head from the top of one ear, across the top of the head (crown) and to the top of the other ear.

With the 3 measurements listed above, you will have the circumference, depth and width of your wig cap.

5:How to put it on wig?

Four (4) simple steps to put it on wig:

Step1: Secure your own hair by pinning or using a Wig Cap or Liner.

Step 2: Spray your new wig with wig care solution.

Step 3: Remove the hair net and hold wig at the front hairline and gently shake to separate the fibers.

Step 4: Hold your wig by its sides and slip it over your head. Adjust until the wig looks like your own hairline at the front. The sides will be a close fit and the entire head shape will look natural. Each wig can be adjusted for your particular head size.